From The Inside

I lost myself in my pain
Broke me, my interior stained
Leaving me damaged beyond repair
Swallowed up in this despair
Staring at my own reflection
But only seeing my imperfection
How can I win when I’m battling against me?
Defeated, I am the epitome
Constantly losing to my mental health
My mind playing tricks on myself
In this state I’m a different person
Like I’m me but a bad version
Stuck in my own idea of torture
I’m my own devastation enforcer
Consumed by thinking I am the victim
Falling apart and this is the symptom
I want it all to just stop
I want to fight back, win, be on top
But the pain is killing my better half
I’m hurt and angry and feeling the wrath
Working hard to gain control
To bury it all and cleanse my soul
I’m crying out from inside
Begging for it all to subside
How can I win when the battle is with me
Burning from the inside out trying to break free

By TK Simpson


You Feel It?

Do you feel it? The heat?
The Taste of this lovin so sweet
Hot and dripping I want you in
Pushing my legs back so I’m pinned
Holding on tight while you go in deep
Ready to go all night long, no sleep

Do you feel it? The quivers?
In and out I feel the shivers
Every stroke hitting the G-spot
Please keep going don’t stop
I feel it building it up inside
Ain’t no running from this tide

Do you feel it? The spasms?
Doing things to my body I can’t fathom
And Mmmm it feels so so good
Taking me there like you should
Head spinning in this fantasy
I’m so high off this escatsy

Did you feel it? When my body shuddered?
“Another round” I begged I didn’t stutter
Now it’s my turn to give you a ride
Giving it so good with every stride
All the way, all the way out, then let it drip
Tease and squeeze on the tip

Mm I know you feel it. The chills.
Give it a minute. Let’s refill
The licks down my body all the way to my clit
Sss oooh that’s not part of the script
Massaging me inside while flicking your tongue
The explosion came and your name I sung

Did you feel it? My body melt
Relishing in the passion I felt
In this bed the masks came off
Touches now tender and soft
Playful kisses and licks and sucks
We’re our true selves when we…fuck


By TK Simpson


For the first time I feel free

Not bound by emotions

Now I can see

Open to my own notions

My mind and body are numb

It feels so good

To get out from under a thumb

The darkness of that hood

The freedom I adore

My solitude was the key

The loneliness I endure

To hold on to the peace

To be alive again

I’m reveling in it

No time to spend

What was wasted? I forget

No longer have to run or hide

Standing still in clarity

From the other side

It feels so good to be free


By TK Simpson



Worse Person I Met

You are the worse person I ever met

But you act like your shit don’t stink

You’re going to blame me I bet

With you in my life all I do is sink

You play and pretend

Then you change your mind

Tell me it depends

Convincing me you’ll do right this time

The foolery from the trickster

Yea I’m talking about you

You have done nothing but make me bitter

And I don’t want to hate you

But it seems inevitable

It’s best to let it go

How this relationship is unstable

You don’t give a shit and it shows

Stringing me along like I’m on a leash

Mislead and confused

The existence of this love will cease

Let you destroy me I refuse

I’m exhausted and mentally tired

Speaking to you is my biggest regret

Can’t keep pouring gas on this fire

You are seriously the worse person I ever met.


By TK Simpson



In this world I dont fit
Tired of fighting for purpose
Giving in, myself I omit
To continue to try is worthless
Morals and values of life dont exist
Destroyed by those not awake
The insanity of it all I dismiss
All for me and my sake
I am against the world
Not willing to change
I will draw my sword
To lose myself I will refrain
I would rather leave this earth
Rebuild and start over
Create my own univerese
Grow my own clover
I can no longer pretend
I do not belong here
Nothing left to mend
This I can’t bare
So I retreat back inside
Put up my walls
and I hide
As I watch it all fall


By TK Simpson

Again and Again

Here I am back again

But not back to the beginning

A little wiser, a connection broken

Still holding on to words unspoken

But I still play

And it ends the same way

Still stuck in it

This deadly habit

Back and forth

Stuck on the same course

It’s happened again

I hit another dead end

How could this be?

When I know the story

These parts I’ve read

Wishing I could get ahead

For my sake

Am I even awake?

Sitting in this same seat

This episode on repeat

More comes after

There’s another chapter

On to the next level

In the win I will revel

It has to stop, I have to end

This over and over again


By TK Simpson

Not A Victim

I will not be called weak

That battle I seek

What lessons to learn

Respect to earn

Won’t ever stay down

Obstacles I’ll get around

Using my mind

No emotions this time

I’m not a victim

Not my symptom

I might play dead

Or fire back instead

But cry I refuse

To fight I choose

Made to survive

To conquer I’ll strive

With power I will erupt

I will not give up


By TK Simpson